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Benoit Viguier - PhD Student in Radboud University


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Benoit Viguier is a PhD student at the Digital Security group and the Department of Software Science of the Radboud University in Nijmegen, working on tools for formally verifying cryptographic software under the supervision of Peter Schwabe, Freek Wiedijk, Joan Daemen and Herman Geuvers. Before that, he was an engineering student at the INSA Rennes (National Institute of Applied Science, France) and master student in Research in Computer Science (MRI).



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Mercator 1, 03.17
Toernooiveld 212
6525 EC Nijmegen
The Netherlands


TLK-2017-0926 - Bookmarks for Cryptographers

Presentation of Tikz for Cryptographer and the Crypto Stack Exchange Community at CHES Rump Session in Taipei - 2017

TLK-2017-0908/0915/0927 - Gimli: A Cross-Platform Permutation

[slides 0908] Presentation of Gimli at the Crypto Working Group in Utrecht.
[slides 0915] Presentation of Gimli at the Digital Security Lunch talk in Nijmegen.
[slides 0927] Presentation of Gimli at CHES in Taipei.

PUB-2017-630 - Gimli: A Cross-Platform Permutation

Daniel J. Bernstein, Stefan Kölbl, Stefan Lucks, Pedro Maat Costa Massolino, Florian Mendel, Kashif Nawaz, Tobias Schneider, Peter Schwabe, François-Xavier Standaert, Yosuke Todo, and Benoît Viguier
Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems – CHES 2017, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag
Gimli, a 384-bit permutation designed to achieve high security with high performance across a broad range of platforms.
[pdf] [bib] [www]

TLK-2017-0720 - Toward the correctness of TweetNaCl’s Ed25519 with VST

Presentation of the correctness of the Big Num arithmetic of TweetNaCl at the Student presentation of the Deep Spec Summer School - 2017

TLK-2017-0718 - KangarooTwelve draft-viguier-kangarootwelve-00

Presentation of a RFC draft about KangarooTwelve at the IRTF Crypto Forum Research Group (CFRG) meeting in Prague. Presentation kindly done by Dang, Quynh (NIST).

TLK-2017-0605 - Bookmarks for Cryptographers

Presentation of Tikz for Cryptographer and the Crypto Stack Exchange Community at the Summer School on real-world crypto and privacy in Croatia - 2017

TLK-2016-1209 - Curve25519: Proving datatypes with a rooster

Formalization of the Big Num arithmetic of TweetNaCl at ICIS DS Lunch


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Configuration of my usual work environment.
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2017 - Oct. - School on Computer-Aided Security Proofs - Aarhus

Fall School organised by Bas Spitters about Computer-aided security proofs using Fstar and EasyCrypt.

2017 - Jul. - Deep Spec Summer School - Philadelphia

Summer School organised by UPenn, Princeton, Yale & MIT about Formal Methods and their applications to Compilers and Code verification.

2017 - Jun. - Summer School on real-world crypto and privacy - Šibenik

Summer School organised by Radboud University, KU Leuven, ETH Zurich & FER Zagreb about recent advances in symmetric and assymetric cryptography, privacy and software and hardware security.

2017 - Jan. - High Assurance Cryptographic Software Workshop - New-York

Workshop following Real World Crypto 2017.
How formal Methods and Fuzzing can improve the trust in cryptographic softare.

2016 - Internship at STMicroelectronics

Formal methods in differential and linear trail search : [report] [slides]
With respect to the original version, typos have been corrected and some parts from the Apendix have been placed after the Preface.
Presentation: A brief introduction to Logic [slides]

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